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Unix Software and Hardware

Since 1986 we have supplied UNIX related software and hardware products from a very large range of manufacturers.

We specialise in researching the cost effectiveness of particular product types for your specific application. The main product areas we focus on are:-

ORACLE and INFORMIX software products, from the smallest single user development systems to the largest company wide unlimited user licenses.

BARCODE PRINTING from Oracle, Informix, any non-windows development environment or operating system !

Santa Cruz Operation (SCO)Openserver and Unixware operating system products.

TERMINALS by Wyse, Boundless Technologies, DEC and more.....Also terminal and print servers by DEC, Perle/Specialix, Chase Research......

Software products related to EMULATION by Esker, James River, Century Software, Hummingbird and many others.

This is just a list of our most active areas. Over the years we have sourced hard to find software products, specialist language development kits, unusual hardware accessories, all types of tape drives and so on, and so on...... If you are trying to find an unusual Unix related item in the UK or you are in a part of the world with scarce Unix resources, please give us a call!

For further details, please contact us on
UK FREEPHONE 0800 0962714