Unattended Scanners
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Unattended Scanners

If you have a need to monitor barcodes on items flowing through machinery or conveyors at high speed then this section will be of interest. JJA maintain strong links with Datalogic, world leaders in unattended scanning technology. Datalogic have several ranges of scanner capable of keeping pace with the fastest and most demanding reading situations. The slowest model will read at 300 laser lines per second, progressing to speeds of several thousand scans per second suitable for the fastest production lines. Their scanner range is supported perfectly by the Datalogic range of industrial sensors, which can activate scanning in a wide variety of ways.

Some key issues in choosing the correct scanner from the range are :-

a) Size, position consistency and density of target barcodes.

b) Variation in item distance from the scanner.

c) Orientation of the barcode in relation to the direction of travel.

d) Sensor activation - electro mechanical or optical?

e) Speed of item travel.

Each unattended system tends to be unique, but JJA are able to offer exact advice on your particular requirements.

For an overview of the highly comprehensive coverage of the Datalogic unattended scanner range please click HERE.

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