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Barcode Printing Software

As an alternative to special barcode printers, printing onto A4 sheets of paper labels using existing conventional printers may be preferred. We specialise in 2 Worth Data products, 'Labelright for Windows' and 'Barfonts for Windows'. We have sold these packages over the last 9 years to all types of organisation and know them to be feature-rich and excellent value.

Labelright Software

Labelright is Windows based label design software that is typically used on laser, inkjet or dot matrix printers. On lasers and inkjets very often you would print onto pages of 'avery-type' A4 label sheets. It has all sorts of design capabilities including graphics, database import, auto-incrementing and so on. Like all Worth Data products, it is supplied on a 30 day no-quibble refund guarantee.

A demo is available on the Manufacturers Web Page.

Although the normal price is 206, we can supply it for 127 (no delivery charge for 3-4 day delivery).

Labelright Screen Print

Alternatively, Barfonts is a package that allows inclusion of barcodes into other windows applications where a host of barcode fonts become available alongside all your normal windows fonts. It also includes programmers libraries for those who want to translate and print their application data as barcodes, seamlessly from within their programs which might for example be developed in Access, Delphi or Foxpro. For full information please visit the Manufacturers Web Page. The price is 139, again no delivery charge for 3-4 days, and a 30 day refund guarantee. We can also provide pre-printed labels of all types, even including metal barcode tags that can be fixed using rivets or adhesive.

Barcode Printing Decoders

JJA Ltd. also supply discounted barcode printing decoders, hardware that connects to the target printer and is controlled by the application software which sends out user-defined characters to produce barcodes on existing reports etc. This approach is very popular with software developers who use hardware decoders to quickly achieve barcode printing transparently within their application particularly from non-Windows operating systems such as HP/UX, AIX, Oracle based UNIX systems etc etc...

The BCM3000 is a small, compact unit capable of attachment to all standard laser, matrix and ink jet printers which transforms them into powerful bar code and labelling printers. Normal printer operation is not affected - BCM3000 simply extends the printers capabilities to include bar codes, scalable text, line & box drawing. With both parallel and serial interfaces in the same unit, BCM3000 connects to systems ranging from PCs to mainframes.

BCM 3000


Manufacturers Information

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