Slot Scanners
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Slot Scanners

These are barcode scanners designed to read membership and I.D. passes etc., where the centre of the barcode should be printed around half an inch in from the edge of the card to be read. They may read using a visible red light or invisible infra red, which can also cope with specially produced 'black on black' barcodes that cannot be copied.

A SELECTION OF OUR SLOT SCANNERS. Click on a link or picture for more information.

Datalogic DLS2000 Unitech Durareader      

JJA also supply Magnetic Stripe slot Scanners for the reading of credit cards, access passes etc. that use a stripe previously encoded with information. Magstripe readers may use a dual port keyboard or serial decoder so that a conventional barcode reader and magstripe reader can be active at the same reading point. When considering a magstripe reader, refer to the 'Track' rating, which may be 1, 2 or 3. Tracks 1 (reads alphanumeric) and 2 (numeric only) are the most popular, but models are available that will read all 3 tracks. The actual magstripe cards themselves (blank or pre-printed) can also be supplied, though these will always be more expensive than the equivalent that uses barcodes. JJA supply magstripe readers by Worthington Data and barcode slot scanners by Datalogic and Welch Allyn, who also make a weather sealed version.

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