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JJA are U.K. specialists in the supply of high quality barcode scanning, barcode printing and barcode verifier products at DISCOUNTED PRICES. This site is designed to give you just an overview of the main types of equipment available for general information, as we always give free personal advice and support in reaching your own particular bar-coding objectives. We have included details on our most popular items only and have included examples of latest discounted pricing. Please note that prices are for small order quantities. Further volume discounts will always apply !

CCD and Linear Imager Barcode Scanners Handheld Laser Barcode Scanners Omni Directional Barcode Scanners
Cordless Scanners Slot Barcode Scanners Mobile Barcode Scanners
Barcode Verifiers Barcode Printers and Media Barcode Printing Software

Barcode scanners are connected to your computer using a variety of methods explained in Barcoding Connection Principles.