Mobile Data Collection
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Mobile Data Collection and Barcode Reading

Mobile barcode reading covers all situations where the reader is not connected to a computer when the read takes place. It is often the only alternative where barcodes are fixed to items in remote locations around the business. Here, decoder and scanner are combined in a hand-held battery powered memory unit with the addition of a small keyboard to enter information in addition to the barcode and with a small screen to follow the collection routine as it takes place and to observe messages. The end result of a mobile reading session will be a stored text file that is periodically uploaded to the host computer and usually read into the software application. Advanced mobile reading involves the use of radio frequency transmission so that the host system receives transactions as they occur.

JJA are specialists in the Worth Data range of mobile readers which offer the following unique combination of features :-

  • Voice prompt recording, that is the ability to record personalised messages which broadcast as prompts appear on the screen during collection, thereby removing the need to continually look at the screen.

  • Rapid non-technical programming of custom collection routines through the keyboard of the unit rather than through a separately purchased technical pc-based programming language.

  • Extremely flexible modes of operation - use the unit as a conventional mobile loading through the serial port or directly into the application entry screen as if keyed in, or use it as a keyboard wedge reader, or even use it as part of a static network of fixed terminals at fixed collection points.

  • 30 day trial period, 2 years warranty. Unlimited freephone support from ourselves and the manufacturer.

  • We are pleased to give you any assistance we possibly can to make sure your project succeeds, including installation into the equipment of a your first collection routine.

A SELECTION OF OUR MOBILE SCANNERS. Click on a link or picture for more information.

Worth Data 'Tricoder' Worth Data Radio Frequency Tricoder      

For Time and Attendance applications and shop floor data capture, JJA supply products by Feedback Data, the largest producer of this type of terminal in the U.K.

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