CCD and LINEAR IMAGER barcode scanners
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Datalogic 'Gryphon'

A state of the art linear imager barcode scanner with a 5 YEAR warranty. Scans at 270 scans per second. Up to 14 inches scanning distance.

"Puzzle Solver" firmware to read worn and difficult barcodes. A unique green spot indicator appears in the centre of the scan line when the barcode makes a good read.

FROM £110 : RING 01257 452237 TO ORDER

A cordless long range version is available.

Manufacturer's Datasheet

Datalogic 'Heron'

A NEW and revolutionary scanner, ready made for hands-free applications. 5 year warranty.

The Heron features the unique Datalogic 'green spot' which can be used as an aid to aiming whilst on the stand or a good read indicator.

DISCOUNTED TO £105 : RING 01257 452237 TO ORDER

Manufacturer's Datasheet

Datalogic Touch 65/90 Pro series

These are industry standard traditional contact type CCDs, robust and with a 2 year warranty. Great for precise reading of barcodes printed closely together.

The length of the barcode must not exceed the width of the reading head, (either 65m or 80mm.), and the range must be within a few centimetres. Variants are available for very high density codes.

Either the 90mm or 65mm PRO kit including keyboard cable is on offer for £78 : RING 01257 452237 TO ORDER

Manufacturer's Datasheet

Suntop 80SXV

A solid and cost effective 1 year warranty CCD scanner which has a UNIQUE good read vibration indicator ideal for use in very noisy situations or quiet areas such as libraries where the traditional beeper needs to be silenced. A triggerless auto-sensing version with stand is also available.

DISCOUNTED TO £39 : RING 01257 452237 TO ORDER

Manufacturer's Datasheet

Hand Held Products IT3800LR

One of the best selling linear imager scanners in the world, the IT3800LR is a proven industry standard. Ultra -reliable with a 5 year warranty, the 3800 stands up to hard continuous use and has great performance characteristics. The kit includes a desktop/wall holder.

DISCOUNTED TO £99 : RING 01257 452237 TO ORDER

Manufacturer's Datasheet

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